a division of Way Cool Product Company LLC KEEP YOUR TESLA MODEL 3 FRONT & REAR MUD FLAPS LOOKING BRAND NEW WITH OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART See Square Store for details

Slide a division of Way Cool Product Company LLC KEEP YOUR TESLA MODEL 3 FRONT & REAR MUD FLAPS LOOKING BRAND NEW WITH OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART See Square Store for details





We now include 3-M tm PPF for rear plastic fender wheel well lip!
Protect more of your paint and metal body work with our extra low and wide flexible 2 ply front mud flap system.
Designed to do more than “auto store” 4 Mud Flap kits..with No holes required!”

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evSmartParts.com is the premier brand of mud flaps manufactured exclusively for the front wheels of your Tesla Model 3.

• No drilling
• No wheel removal
• All hardware included
• No special tools required

• Keeps your TESLA Model 3 cleaner
• Protects lower bodywork and front fender paint
• Flexes to shed accumulated winter slush
• Long-lasting effectiveness

• Blends with aerodynamic curves
• They do not add range-reducing frontal area to your car as they ride in the turbulent airstream just behind the front wheels.
• Wide, low-profile design
• Inconspicuous

In addition to these benefits, our flexible two-ply mud flaps even help to maintain your quiet ride as they flex to absorb repeated impacts from road debris and stones. Note that these mud flaps are only for the front wheels. The Tesla Model 3 does not require flaps on the rear wheels, because bodywork around those wheel wells curves upward and includes no painted metal. Let us know if you would like rear mud flaps if we make them available.

Protect the Tesla you love right now. Add these inconspicuous mud flaps and lock in peace of mind for your investment today.

• 1/4″ 2-Ply High Abrasion resistant material with internal high tension synthetic fabric cords.

• They install easily and in only 5 minutes per side by the Do it yourselfer or your local shop. NO DRILLING or removing the front wheels is required. All hardware is included in the price.

• They are designed for front placement only. Rear mudflaps may be introduced if there is demand but the design of the car does not call for rear mudflaps.

• They are precision die-cut to match the attachment points of the TESLA Model 3

• You should buy a pair of these as soon as possible to help prevent the inevitable damage to your lower wheel wells and resultant rust and repainting of your expensive vehicle.

• Keeping your car in top appearance is easier when road tar, mud, grass cuttings, oily residue is thwarted from attaching to the under body and the sides of your doors and fenders.

• Keeping your garage cleaner in winter is made much easier when the amount of accumulated slush and ice is minimized by our wide and low mud flaps.

• Tapping the rear of the mudflap will help shed accumulated ice and slush before entering the garage.

• 2 x mud flaps in clear plastic bag

• 4 x “Push-pin” automotive trim fasteners

• 2 x U-Nuts with stainless steel screws

• Instructions are available on line at https://evsmartparts.com/ in the Installation Instructions tab.

• Precut Left and Right clear PPF shapes for Fender Lips

• Clear RTV Silicone sealer

• No drilling
• No wheel removal
• All hardware included
• Done in minutes
• No special tools required

Download & print the Mud Flap Installation Instructions below.

Click here to download the rear fender lip paint protection kit application instructions

Q: Do I have to use a drill or remove a wheel to install these?
A: No. You will use the existing holes in the fender liner so no drilling is required. There is clearance to do the installation without removing the wheel.

Q: Will the mud flaps affect my range?
A: You will not notice an increase or decrease in range using our mud flaps. A few of the biggest factors that do affect range are:

1- Very high or very low ambient temperatures
2- Snow and rain on the roads and the general condition of the roads.
3- Stop and go traffic and slow traffic which increases the time your car is energized while not going very far for each minute of operation.
4- Heavy acceleration and heavy braking which uses the friction brakes.
5- Speeding
6- Driving with open windows with your elbow hanging out!
7- Under inflated tires
8- Tire or alignment problems
9- The amount of weight you are transporting.
10- Operating heaters or air conditioning.

In addition, our testing videos show no visible mud flap deflection at speeds much higher than the speed limit. This is clear evidence that the mud flap is not resisting air flow. Wind resistance is less of a factor at or below legal speeds. Efficiency drops off dramatically on all cars disproportionately at higher and higher speeds. Our design uses flexible 2 ply material and the shape does not stick out into the air stream. The mud flaps ride along in the turbulent airflow already created by the front wheels…drafting them as it were.

Q: Why do I need these mud flaps from EVSmartParts.com?
A: If you want to prevent the loss of paint on your front fender edges Our mud flaps can ride lower than other mud flaps and not scrape on the ground, crack and make noise like stiff plastic mud flaps. They are tough, durable, quiet, and very effective. Our test videos show them protecting the car paint at 50 mph on gravel strewn, rough, and unimproved roads. This is the primary reason they exist.

Think how much you love driving your Tesla especially when it is clean!

Now think about all the nasty threats from summer road work to winter snow storms….all waiting to kick up toward your paint every time you hit the road.

Sticks & stones. Gravel & grime. Sticky tar, road debris and just plain old mud.

It’s a constant struggle, but you can win that battle — the easy way — with two of the most effective yet inconspicuous mudflaps you’ve never seen.